New Zealand Sports Car Racing Club Inc  

Welcome to NZ Sports Car Racing, we are an enthusiastic and friendly group of sports car racers and supporters that are passionate about Sports Car racing and very proud of our heritage and place in NZ Motor Racing history.

Our Sports Car Race Series is run over 6 to 8 race meetings annually and forms part of the Independent Race Classes Association, more commonly known as the IRC. IRC meetings are National Tier 2 events and are run on North Island race circuits, with several other exciting classes, such as, GTRNZ, SS2000, Pre 65, Porsche, Formula First, Mini Racing, HQ & Pro7’s.

The Sports Car classes offers great variety and fantastic close racing throughout the field and they are often the fastest cars of the race meeting.
Our Members are spread fairly evenly throughout the North Island and we also have a few associates in the South Island. The key aim of our class is to foster Sports Car Racing Nationwide, through the construction and racing of home built or factory sports cars and Sports Racing cars. Similar to the types designed built and raced by famous New Zealanders such as Bruce McLaren.

We have classes to suit all levels of car and driver, from our very popular Club-Sport, cars, like Redline, Beattie, Fraser, Chevron, Lotus, Saker right through to our super fast professionally factory and locally built Sports Racing Cars, such as Juno, Radical, Ligier, Nemesis, JRM 3, Alders GCR01, Terra FX, Concept etc.

Sports Car racing in comparison to other race classes is surprisingly economical to get into, so if you are interested in becoming involved in Sports Car Racing, please feel free to contact any of our listed members under the contacts tab as they will be more than happy to answer any questions or advise you accordingly. Or simply come and introduce yourself to one of the drivers at any race meeting, we would love to meet you.

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