Gerad Taylor | # 10


Driver Info

Date Of Birth




28/06/1960 Greytown Wairarapa Graphic Design and Illustration Married

Car Details


Fan Information

Car Type Radical SR3 Favourite Track Manfeild
Year 2006 Hobbies Music, Skiing
Motor 1500cc Hayabusa Nick Name  
HP 250 Favourite Food Anything I can tolerate
Years Owned 2 months Pet Hates Anything I cant
Built by Radical    
Sponsors Fagan Motorcycles Masterton    

Race History / Successes

Gerad's very first car (after a series of fast motorbikes) was a Fiat 131 Supermirafiori - the legendary Fiat that won many rallies in it's time.
Gerad has since owned and driven more than 60 cars to date and among them some of the fastest sportscars available. From Porsche 911s and AMG Mercedes to BMW M3s Gerad has sampled all the great drives in an effort to go ever faster!
Just to stay on the right track though he has completed all levels of the BMW driver training course winning the award for best driver in his class - the levels included the advanced driver training and skidpad sessions.
He now also holds a C2 National race license and has competed in various race classes over the last five years including the IRC  IB cup, SS2000 and the (former Intermarque) Surgery sprints.  He won his class overall in the 2014 Surgery sprints and was 8th= out 115 in the overall drivers championship on points despite missing two events.
He has raced a Honda Civic and 420hp Integra and also a supercharged Lotus Exige winning his class in 2013 in the Surgery sprints in that car.
Gerad has competed in the Radical SR3 in the sportscar class early this year.

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