John Mines | # 29

Driver Info

Date Of Birth




26/8/1944 Wellington Engineer Single

Car Details


Fan Information

Car Type JRM Favourite Track Manfield
Year 2005 Hobbies Sailing,Fishing & Motor Racing
Motor Hayabusa Nick Name JR
HP 185 Favourite Food Mexican
Years Owned 6 Pet Hates Not finishing a Race
Built by Self    
Sponsors The Watercutting Co    

Race History / Successes

  • 2002/2003 2nd Overall NZ Series, 2003/2004 1st Overall NZ Series
  • 2008/2009 2nd Pro Sport Class, 2010/2011 2nd Pro Sport Class
  • 2010/2011 1st Overall NZ Sports Car Series (Current Champion)
John Mines

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