Mike Limbrick | # 7

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Date Of Birth




10.07/1946 Waimauku Director Well & truly Married, 5 Children

Car Details


Fan Information

Car Type Mallock MK 10 Favourite Track Manfield
Year 1995 Hobbies Motor Racing, Fishing and things ending in 'ing'
Motor Toyota 3SGE 2000cc Nick Name ? Unknown
HP 200+ Favourite Food All
Years Owned 4 Pet Hates Fence Sittters & Slow Drivers
Built by Rebuilt by self    
Sponsors Gutter Clean NZ    

Race History / Successes

  • Karting 1968, Stock Cars 1969, then Rallying, Hill Climbing & Retired after Rally NZ 1985
  • Few Hillclimb titles, couple of Rally wins and numerous podiums over the years
  • Started back Karting in 2000, Rotax Champion 2002
  • Started Sports Car Racing in 2007, nothing to show off YET!
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