Richard Kelly | # 73


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1976 Wellington Technician in the film and TV industry/ Company Director Married to Meredith

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Car Type Radical SR3 Favourite Track Manfield. It’s a technical track that suits my driving style.
Year 2004 Hobbies Family time with our kids, running and motorsport.
Motor 1300cc Hayabusa Nick Name Rich
HP 180 (claimed – I think quite a bit less in reality…) Favourite Food STEAK!
Years Owned 1 Pet Hates Wet race days.
Built by Radical Sportscars UK    
Sponsors Atomise Limited, JMR Storage, UPS Power Solutions    

Race History / Success

I’m returning to circuit racing after five years of co-driving in the New Zealand Rally Championship. My most notable succeesses have been in the passenger seat, and I’m hoping to have some fun from the driver’s side now. I have also competed in a homebuilt 7 since 1998, raced karts and have been co-driving rallies since 1996.
I compete because I love to drive and I bought the SR3 after much consideration and discussion (a huge amount of thanks to John Mines for getting me on the right track!), as I think it offers a really good package for reliable and quick motor racing. My goals for the season are to complete as many rounds as family and work  commitements allow, finish every race I start, bring home the car in one piece every time and have a huge amount of fun doing it.
Richard Kelly

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