The regulations are designed to be as free as possible whilst still encouraging close racing. To be eligible the car must comply with one of the following three classes constituting the NZSCRS.

1. ClubSport:
  1. For cars that run on DOT approved road tyres and are in road going trim. Must comply with all other rules including those not specific to this class and subject to the performance index.
  2. Forced induction (supercharged only) cars limited to 1600cc only and existing cars.

2. ClubSport 'Open'
This class is predominantly to cater for “ClubSport” cars, which have been modified beyond the ClubSport rules and no longer meet the requirements of the ClubSport class (i.e.: an evolution of a ClubSport car) The cars in this class must meet the requirements of the ClubSport rules and the following:
  1. Only normally aspirated carburettor or fuel injection
  2. Litre engines allowed (no forced induction)
  3. The car must be presented to the Series Technical officer prior to racing (eligibility criteria to be checked at this time by the Technical officer)
  4. All cars must have a current log book issued by Motorsport NZ
  5. All cars must comply with Motorsport NZ book 1 schedule A
  6. If a floor is fitted below the chassis this must be flat from the centreline of the front axle to the leading edge of the rear wheels
  7. No requirement to have been registered in the previous 12 months
  8. May remove the passenger seat
  9. May run a hard cover over the passenger seat area
  10. May relocate ancillary components (battery, oil tank etc) into the passenger seat and foot well area
  11. May fit front air dam, splitter, rear wing or diffuser etc but no tunnels or skirts are allowed
  12. May race on slick tyres and full wets
  13. Fuel is free as per MSNZ fuel rules
  14. If a driver/car changes class during a race season, points accrued in this class may not be transferred to the other class
  15. Must comply with all other rules for ClubSport Cars

2. ProSport:
a) Engine limited to 2 litre piston and 13B non peripheral port rotary naturally aspirated engines
b) Must comply with all other general club rules and subject to the performance index.

3. SuperSport:
a) General- For cars which do not comply with the first three categories for any reason, but are still within the spirit of the regulations.
b) Must comply with all other general club rules.
c) All forced induction engine cars are permitted in this class

Acceptance - The NZSCR committee reserves the right to exclude a car from the NZSCR series for failure to comply with any of these clauses.

Changing classes:
a) Changing classes during a season will result in points from the class departed being removed, and points in the new class will start from scratch.
b) Eligibility - If a person wishes to compete and their car falls outside of any of these rules, an application can be made to the Committee for dispensation.